Author's Note
I was very happy to get invited to a workshop in Goa for authors and illustrators of books for children and teenagers. The workshop was sponsored by The Swedish Institute, organised by the Swedish Writers' Union and hosted by Helen Rundgren, Eva Swedenmark and Sandhya Rao.
I worked with author Paro Anand and illustrator Uma Krishnaswamy. We decided that Goa's beaches would be the setting for our story. We also decided to write an "easy to read" book since there is a great demand for those for teenagers.
After that the story started to take shape. It was difficult and took a long time to write the book, Paro being in Delhi and me on Gotland, a Swedish island in the Baltic Sea. We met in Delhi and on Gotland but since I was writing in Swedish, everything I wrote, including changes and adjustments to fit Paro's and my stories together had to be translated into English. My daughter Nina Winternheimer in Los Angeles made the translation. Countless e-mails went back and forth between Delhi, Gotland and Los Angeles. Without the Internet, this book could not have been written.