After I had worked as an author for a few years, requests started coming for me to hold writing classes. I was happy to do that. One of the most enjoyable tasks was to work with Centralskolan's 4th grade in Gällo for a whole semester. The writing resulted in the story "Röda Fjäderligan" (The Red Feather Band). The students worked in small groups who wrote a section each. Then I put their texts together to a coherent story.
Sometimes I have worked in the schools with short courses of two to three days. That's been in middle school and junior high. In Sundsvall I have had week long courses in the summer for students ranging from middle school to high school.

During two summers, I taught week long writing camps to studens in Sällsjö (western Jämtland) who had finished 7th grade.
My first long distance writing class over the Internet took place during the academic year of 1997-98 and included 450 junior high and adult students in Bräcke. The job also included visiting all classes. The project ended with a literary contest in which the winners won a weekend in Stockholm.
During the academic year of 2000-2001, I held two long-distance writing classes at the Birka folk high school outside Östersund. We met three days every month when we had lessons, writing exercises and discussions. The classes covered everything from idea to finished work. In between sessions we had contact over the Internet.  The participants could submit their work for everyone in the group to read and comment.  During the sessions at school, we went trough all the texts. Those who only wanted feedback from me could e-mail their text directly to me.  In my experience, this approach to writing classes work very well, contact over the internet varied with meetings in person.
During the fall of 2007 and 2008, I held writing classes at the folk high scool of Skeppsholmen in Stockholm. The theme of the class was "The women and the men of the sea" and was directed to people who had worked at sea or simply were interested in the ocean or lakes as environment for their writing. The concept of that class was basically the same as the one at Birka. We met at the school four times during the fall semester and had contact over the Internet in between.
Some of the students at Skeppsholmen 2007 at a coffe break.